Neeco, Inc.


Process Optimization – Waste Minimization

Every company is interested in a profit. Our expertise in optimizing a process and minimizing waste to reduce operating costs has saved our clients a lot of money and reduced their liability for fines, legal fees, and costly contamination cleanups. Process optimization and waste minimization go hand in hand with pollution prevention.

Sometimes only minor modifications such as curbing, gutters, or short runs of piping are needed to greatly reduce operating cost or liability.

One clients’ water and sewer costs were lowered dramatically by reducing their potable water usage by 40%. Solid waste disposal costs were also reduced by applying their waste to local farms as fertilizer.

Another client has reduced its potable water usage by using smaller sprinkler nozzles, recycling water and collecting rain water to wet raw materials.

One client has eliminated the need for a storm water permit, state indirect discharge permit, monthly monitoring, sampling, and reporting requirements by making minor modifications, such as gutters and curbs, and constructing a vehicle and equipment wash pad.