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Building Contractors, Real Estate Agencies, and Land Developer

Do you have clients with hard to solve sewage treatment problems?

Have your clients come to you frustrated because they have been denied permits with lots that have wetlands, soil and setback issues?

Do your clients have failing septic systems?

Are you tired of having to troubleshoot the same failed system over and over?

Do residents complain about smelly lift stations?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the solution once and for all and come out smelling like a rose?

The only reason you have sewage treatment problems is because you haven’t heard about Nassef Engineering and Equipment Company (NEECO). NEECO brings 26 years of environmental engineering experience to the table and focuses on solving your unique sewage and wastewater treatment problems.

The lack of accessibility into sewage mains or standard septic is not a barrier to NEECO. We utilize several patented systems that will revolutionize sewage disposal, and we are willing to use this proprietary information to make it possible to help your clients live on their dream lot or have a lawn without an elephant mound where their septic is located.

NEECO hasn’t failed a customer in 26 years in finding a way to design an alternative wastewater system that satisfies the health department and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Yes, you read that right. You can count on the fact that NEECO has had 100% success in obtaining health and FDEP approvals for the systems that we have designed and troubleshot for our clients. When you work with NEECO you are working with a company that is known for having ecologically sound solutions and has the trust of the departments that issue your permits.

You don’t want excuses anymore, you want solutions. You have done the best you can, but now is the time to bring in our experienced team that will exhaust all options to find a solution to your wastewater treatment problems. The approach that we custom design for you will be cost-effective and be in compliance with environmental, safety, and health regulations.

Call today so that we can get started immediately on your wastewater treatment issues.